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Course Includes:

• Course Manual • Live Model • Free Lunch • Kit Included with Machine • Basic & Advanced Techniques • Business Ideas • Marketing Ideas • Social Media Training • 1 Day Intensive Training/Bootcamp • Lifetime Mentorship


Microblading coursework will cover the following topics:

Theory and safety: This will cover the basics of microblading, including the tools and materials used, hygiene and safety protocols, and how to identify and manage any potential risks or complications.

Skin anatomy: Understanding the structure and composition of the skin is essential for successful microblading. This course would cover the different layers of the skin, how they heal, and how to choose the appropriate depth and pressure for the microblading strokes.

Brow shaping and design: Microblading is not just about filling in eyebrows with strokes, but also creating a shape that complements the client’s face shape and natural brow structure. This course will teach techniques for measuring and mapping the eyebrows, choosing the right shape, and achieving symmetry.

Color theory: Choosing the right pigment color is crucial for achieving natural-looking results. This course will cover the basics of color theory, how to choose the right pigment for the client’s skin tone and desired look, and how to mix and blend pigments.

Hands-on practice: Once the theory and safety aspects are covered, this course will provide hands-on practice on artificial skin and live models. This would allow the student to gain confidence and experience in using the microblading tools, creating strokes, and achieving a natural-looking result.

Aftercare: Proper aftercare is essential for achieving optimal results and minimizing the risk of complications. This course will cover the basics of aftercare, including how to instruct clients on caring for their eyebrows after the treatment.


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